Command line export to pov from LDView ?

Re: Command line export to pov from LDView ?
Unfortunately, no there isn't. It's a planned feature, but not one currently available, and it almost certainly won't be available in the official 4.2 release. When I originally wrote LDView's export functionality, I planned to encorporate it into a standalone command line-only converter application, which I would release in addition to LDView. Because of this, I didn't put command line support for exports into LDView. I never produced the standalone application, though, and no longer plan to. So I will be adding command line export support to LDView, but just haven't gotten around to doing so yet.

As a side note, I am still actively developing LDView (and Peter Bartfai is still actively updating the Qt version as I add features to the other versions), but I have spent a lot less time working on it since LDView 4.1 was released than I did prior to that. That's the main reason it took so long for the 4.2 Beta release, and it's taking so long for me to get the official 4.2 release out.
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