OMR Spec

OMR Spec
Currently I am working on an app that uses much the OMR Spec.

So I need to fully understand it.

I have a problem with the following content:
Each individual model file in the MPD that represents an unofficial part must use the standard header format of unofficial parts on the parts tracker. Its 0 FILE entry will reflect the modified MPD version of the part's filename, but the rest of the header will reflect the original filename.

So far i remember is the 0 FILE entry the in the MPD file the file name for the code that follows until next 0 FILE entry or...

In the above it is stated that the 0 FILE entry contains the modified file name and the rest should be like the original DAT-file. If I strictly follow that I would have a 0 FILE entry that is different from the 0 Name entry.

According to the MPD Spec those both entries should be the same!

I am currently confused !

Please help me.
Re: OMR Spec
One other issue with the spec.

Currently we use the "name" of the set to separate it if there are two sets with the same number.
6901 - Mobile Lab.mpd
6901 - Space Plane.mpd

If we are inside the MPD we use then the qualifier number to separete the submodels from the different sets.
6901-1 Hatch.ldr
6901-2 Minifig.ldr

So if I have separated the submodel from one of the MPD files I have no chance to see to which set it really belongs. In my eyes this is really a bad solution.

If we use also the <qualifier> for the MPD name it would be clear.
Re: OMR Spec
Ok, nobody of the community cares about this and posts his thoughts right here. There is only a little discussion here:

In my eyes the current spec. is not clear enough, but the result of the comments from our LSC discussion is what I think the files has to look like regarding the 0 FILE and 0 NAME tags.

So I go ahead according Willy's sample in the above mentioned thread.
Re: OMR Spec
Regarding the optional qualifier I'll go ahead like Willy's suggestion in the thread

I see the set number and the optional qualifier as a unit and therefore my app will force the files inside the mpd to have the same "setnumber" "optional qualifier" combination as the mpd file itself.

I like to implement that in this way, because I can think about scenes that are for example build with many cars from different sets. If I then have the optional qualifier also be used for the mpd I can directly see and link to the correct mpd. If we do not use the optional qualifier for the mpd file we have no chance to generate automatically any link to the correct file.
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