190145 Sticker Yellow Box with Arrows

Re: 190145 Sticker Yellow Box with Arrows
I certainly don't want to take away the fun, but...

I have removed all the t-juntions in your file, just to show you what we are on about.
I have coloured some of the quads/triangles red, to show you how this problem could be solved.

This was quickly made with LPC, which I can really recomend for this kind of work.
It will also automagically fix all bfc errors, so that you don't even have to think about that.

The base of the sticker should be made with a primitive, box5-12.dat.
Are you sure of the size? Stickers are gennerally a little bit smaller than the bricks they stick to.
I would guess that this one should be 3.8 x 1.8, not 4 x 2.

/ Magnus

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