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Seems a minor (lack of) OpenGL features issue:

The crosses are a result of the textures not being powers of 2 in dimensions which is not supported on older (some budget) OpenGL implementations (In such cases it draws the cross as a fallback). But in essence it's not a showstopper, cause editing still works you just have to do some blind navigating using hints in the bin (you can still click on the crosses to go inside the subbin whom will show normal ldraw parts just fine.).

You could fix the issue by replacing all png's in the gui/default folder by pictures that are square and power of 2 in dimensions. I might add a special gui template for older OpenGL implementations myself at some point though.

The edge lines are the way they are because the OpenGL implementation you are using lacks vertex shader support (or only has an out dated version). In that case the renderer defaults to always drawing all conditional edges like normal edges. You can change that behavior in the main/preferences/LDraw menu by adjusting the "Draw conditional edges" option (set it to disabled).

Also because you are using a modified/custom version of the LDraw library the default bin groups are not that effective, although the 'by category' one should show all parts one way or another because it's generated. You might consider creating custom part bin content if you want to use this library in a easy to access way.

But all this aside, you should be able to edit models using this Library and hardware (used with the screenshot) just fine.

[edit] Just so you know, I solved the texture issue in the pending 1.1 beta version, it will no longer matter if the OpenGL implementation supports non power of two sizes from that version on.
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