Working with primitives in Patterns

Re: Working with primitives in Patterns
Philippe \Philo\" Hurbain Wrote:IMHO present 4150ps5 is already pretty good!

No, the proportions are completely wrong.

Philippe \Philo\" Hurbain Wrote:I am not a great fan of primitives in patterns, as it is often impossible to properly match triangles to rings, you have to be very careful.

Me too, at least, because I'm still in the learning process, and the stuff I did the whole day I could have done with triangles in a few minutes. But I understand, that a version with primitives is preferred, because it's a lot smaller. But I need up to 5 rings per segment to get the width that I want, this is also "not so good". If I don't like what I get out of that, I'll go back to triangles.

Philippe \Philo\" Hurbain Wrote:I strongly suggest that you use PrimGen2 to create primitives.

GAWD! Why do I find out about a tool AFTER I spent hours and hours to find out how I can do it with the stuff I know??? I made the rings with LPC... If this forum had emoticons, you'd see here one that smashes its head with the keyboard.
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