OMR Spec - Updated 8/14

Re: OMR Spec - Updated 8/14
Orion Pobursky Wrote:
> META commands:
> --------------
> The only META commands allowed in the model file
> are those associated with the header, 0 FILE (for
> MPD support) and 0 STEP. STEP commands not
> specifically required but they are highly desired.
> If included, the step commands should follow the
> instructions as closely as possible.

I haven't been following this discussion fully, so perhaps what I'm about to say has already been hashed out. However, I think this is short-sighted. It completely precludes the possibility of a LPub-optimized file, and also disallows other potentially useful meta-commands. For example, it seems to me that the !LDVIEW BBOX_IGNORE meta-command could be useful for train set models. Train MOCs were actually why I created that meta-command (at a user's request).
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