LDPartEditor - Planning stage started

Re: LDPartEditor - Planning stage started
Hi Nils

As an author and reviewer I wish to add my two cents to this thread.
I've made a simple mock-up of what I would like to see and use.

[Image: mock-up_of_part_editor.png]

I'm using these programs today:
MLCad, LDView and LDDP, LD Pattern Creator, LETGUI with all of Philo's tools, RingsAndCones, LDCalc, PrimGen2
DatHeader for checking, correcting and optimizing my work.
When creating a new part I want my code to look "pretty" as well. I like to make them from inside and out, like an onion.
Start with the inside structure, and then continue outwards, toward the outside surface.

I haven't made many patterned parts, but I really like many of the features in LD Pattern Creator.
I've corrected many old patterns just with "join to last selected".

I want to:
select in the preview window, and edit in an text editor, or vice versa
preview all primitives in a sorted menu
select by drag'n'drop from preview menu
rotate and move by keyboard commands, like up/down, left/right, "in/out" keys, in grid settings
turn on/off grid in viewer window
change settings of grid, coarse/medium/fine or editor selected
view my part from more than one view angle at once
have selected object high-lighted, in text editor and viewer
resize primitives, in different directions, by scroll-wheel
set bfc red/green/blue in viewer window
randomize colours in viewer window
look inside my part by cut-away with scroll-wheel
calculate a intersection point between a line and a quad/triangle, or another line
reshape a 3D-surface by selecting a single point and moving it
sort all lines in a file by colour or linetype
sort ascending/descending by x,y,z value
sort by select and drag'n'drop in text editor

I hope this helps you, and I'm looking forward to a Part editor
/ Magnus
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