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Re: LDPartEditor - Planning stage started

Nils Schmidt Wrote:I decided to create a new project on sourceforge: The LD Part Editor - A pure part editor.

I recommend that!

Some time ago I began to implement a part editor, too. But I had not that specific goals like Scott.

At first I wanted to implement a copy of Philos Pathtruder with a 'realtime preview' GUI: two input and one output textarea and three 3D preview areas (one for each textarea). I got of the track and created some kind of text editor (with 3D preview and selection) for LDraw files. I used C# with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

[Image: wpftest1small.PNG]

This was a good start but it was much too slow. So I tried to use OpenTK instead of WPF 3D.

[Image: opentktest1small.png]

This time I got so far, that I implemented a first draft of 3D manipulators.

In process of time, while researching, I found an interesting tool: Metasequoia. It provides some cool features for point, line or polygon manipulations.

Like Scott, I didn't find the time to work on it efficiently. I didn't even found the time to wrote this post timely or detailed :-(. But I like the combination of the text editor and a 3D mouse editor.

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