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Orion Pobursky Wrote:This is in reference to the LSC post

Do to the potential to reuse patterns at differing scales, I'd like to see the mapped images be in a vector based format. Thoughts?

Once the vector art is set-up (I've used Adobe Illustrator), it's been really simple to output higher-resolution versions of the same image when better fidelity has been needed (Save for Web and Devices...). I went FAR overboard on some of the early tests, using 1024x1024 texture maps for parts that were only a couple inches across.

I haven't tried a single 1Kx1K (or even 2Kx2K for the super fancy graphic carded enthusiast) for, say, the top view of a ramp-and-pit-plate, so that may not be enough. I imagine dividing such a part into quadrants (or more) for texture mapping.

what to do with a 32x48 baseplate of that style? Might need even more.

It will be an interesting experiment, once I get around to it.
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