Color questions (was: 3816ps5 Minifig Leg Right with SW Gunbelt Pattern)

Re: Custom Colors in Patterned Parts
Hello Scott, just being curious, I have compared LDConfig.ldr vs LDCfgalt.ldr colors (only part colors,
not edge colors) and was surprised: I expected "many" differences or "none", but what I found was just "few":

"Lime": #A5D426 vs #BBE90B
"Rust": #A52D0A vs #B31004
"Trans_Bright_Green": #56E646 vs #D9E4A7
"Trans_Green": #237841 vs #84B68D
"Glitter_Trans_Clear": #FCFCFC vs #FFFFFF
"Rubber_Yellow": #ECC935 vs #F5CD2F

That's all. Especially for rubber yellow I wonder why there's a difference, since Rubber_Blue, Rubber_White etc. have no such difference. Are all these (few) differences by intention? As said, just curious.

I had never used LDCfgalt.ldr at all, just use LDConfig.ldr, even for rendering, and am happy with that.
Again, just being curious, which rendering programs use the edge colors setup in LDCfgalt.ldr? Why would one need such?
All my photorealistic renders with POVRay just use the main body color, not the edge color.
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