Insurmountable error popping up in LPub

Insurmountable error popping up in LPub
Hello all:

When using LPub for a model composed of unofficial elements, I keep getting the following error:

Runtime Error!

Program: C:\Program Files\LDView\LDView.exe

-pure virtual function call

I have no idea what this means nor any idea of how to compensate for it, but I'll add the following:

The model renders just fine through an earlier version of LPub.
When I pare the model down to a single part and the part down to a single BOX.DAT primitive, the error still occurs.

What I find most baffling/frustrating is that the earlier version handles it so easily, plowing through the apparent error without a hitch. However, that earlier version can't render torus objects in POV-Ray, which I use in inlined code for these unofficial elements.

What's causing this error? Is there a way to correct it?
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