Are standards for official parts too strict?

Re: Are standards for official parts too strict?
Chris Dee Wrote:I'm glad you label this as "semi-serious", otherwise, it sounds like you don't appreciate how much functionality is built into the Parts Tracker….

Yes, I realize the Parts Tracker is a custom application with important irreplaceable functionality. I do hope you didn't infer any intent to diminish the work that went into building the software, to overlook the management features it provides, or to denigrate your efforts towards keeping all this running smoothly. I appreciate all of them deeply.

The "serious" part of my concerns are:
  • Does the part review process, and to a lesser extent its interface, dampen the enthusiasm of potential contributors?
  • Could a model in which the reader, rather than the author, is responsible for the content's correctness ultimately produce high-quality products with less friction?

Here's an example I've been watching:
Minifig Helmet Visor Ice Planet

This part has spent nearly 10 years on the part tracker.

It took 8 weeks to attract its first three certifications.
It then sat dead for 6 months waiting for…something. Maybe subparts. During that time, the helmet it fits on was apparently repositioned.
Someone then put a Hold on it, complaining that it too needed to be repositioned. Note: this person did not just make the adjustment.
The part then suffered 8 years of total inattention. We might presume the original author had moved on to more fulfilling hobbies.
On the eve of 2012, a kind soul shifted the part as recommended. Naturally, existing certification votes were deleted. The original three certifiers never resurface to vote for re-certification.
Two days pass, and the part gets its second Hold, this time complaining about comments no user will ever see or care about.
The part is re-submitted without the offending comments.
The part then collected two certifications prior to the 2011-02 release. It sits today awaiting admin review, which I can only hope means it will finally arrive in users' hands in the next release.

Can we honestly say this is inspiring people to participate? Is there really nothing which can be done to improve situations like this? (These aren't rhetorical questions, by the way. They are offered in the spirit of continuing the conversation.) I honestly don't mean to accuse anyone with this example; to reiterate, I have the highest respect for people who make and review parts. I just feel like this example demonstrates that something isn't working quite right.

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