Slowness of LPub on Windows 7

Re: Slowness of LPub on Windows 7
Thanks for the clarification, and further verification.

It's quite a bit older, and much more experimental, but here is a 64-bit Windows LDView build:

Note: since the executable is LDView64.exe, you might have to rename it to LDView.exe in order to get it to be used by LPub.

One other thing to try would be to disable LDView auto-checking of unofficial parts (on the Updates tab of preferences). Please note that even if you have the parts on your computer, LDView will still periodically check for updates to them if they reside in the <LDraw>\Unofficial\Parts directory. So, while it doesn't appear that's the source of the problem, disabling that feature in LDView would rule it out entirely.
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