Should "Part Alias" files be listed in parts.lst

Re: Should "Part Alias" files be listed in parts.lst
Option 1 is exactly how it implemented for those who install the library using the Windows installer (e.g. LDraw1102.exe). In fact there are three optional libraries; Alias parts, Physical colour parts and Non-redistributable parts. I don't know what the AIOI does, but from what you're are saying it sounds like it installs everything.

But this does not solve the question I posed, because Alias Parts currently have identical descriptions to their target, so users that install them still see the part twice.

Rather than dumping them in "Other Parts" I think editors like MLCad should put "underscore prefixed files" somewhere "special" - only selectable by parts number.

I don't like option 2 because it requires an update to the source of the base part when a new alias or physical colour version appears in the wild.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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