Slope 45 2x2 with Spyrius Droid Image (3039px32)

Re: Slope 45 2x2 with Spyrius Droid Image (3039px32)
There is one remaining T-junction (again, though their elimination is best, they doesn't prevent certification of part!) at the right of down arm of green cross (vertical red line in the above scree shots). Otherwise it seems perfect to me.
I'd really like to know what's wrong with Edger2 on you computer!!!
- What happens exactly? any error message?
- how do you use it, from command line or through LETGUI?

Otherwise before submitting to parts tracker, I'd suggest you download and install Datheader. This tool will help you polish the header and make a few automatic corrections such as removing the "0 rotation" statements left by MLCad, reduce precision to 3 decimal places, etc...
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