Slope 45 2x2 with Spyrius Droid Image (3039px32)

Slope 45 2x2 with Spyrius Droid Image (3039px32)
Ok, so this is my first attempt at parts authoring. I used LDraw Pattern Creator and only had access to a really crappy scan of the part (I am in the process of getting the part in question and will do a better more detailed scan then). I know I have some scale/sizing issues and I haven't figured out how to precisely fit the pattern onto the slope brick. Would you guys mind pointing out a the things I've done wrong or how I can redo the part to make it work better. I don't think it's anywhere close to being ready to put up for verification, but then again I'm not really sure. I've tried to follow the online guides as best I could, but I still managed to confuse myself. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Phil Peickert

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