Ledge under slope bricks (very minor details)

Re: Ledge under slope bricks (very minor details)
There are a lot of compromises in LDraw parts compared to reality, and especially in slope bricks. While some of them can be solved relatively easily, others can't be fixed without rewriting all the slope bricks!
The two main discrepancies are:
- As mentionned by Tore, ceiling of bricks is thinner than 4ldu. This means that the minimum height to receive a stud is about 5ldu (5.25 according to LDD parts)
- The straight foot of slope bricks is also higher, modelled as 4ldu in LDraw, but about 5 LDU in real life.
When you combine this with slopes, you get things like ledges that are too long or disappear completely...
Note also that even true LEGO parts are not always consistent with each others Wink

Quote:it also has overlapping pollies in the underside tubes, which I don't think is proper.
This is discouraged but not forbidden by LDraw standards:

LDraw.org File Format Restrictions for the Official Library Wrote:Note: Primitives that overlap/intersect other primitives or polygons (line type 3 or 4), provided that the overlap is small, are considered acceptable. The intention is not to force part authors to in-line primitives. However, there may be some cases where it is better to use (say) a 3-8cyli and a quad than a 1-2cyli; case-by-case decisions are left to the parts review process.
...and this may give better rendering sometimes!
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