Baseplate underdetailing was Re: LDView Bug

Re: Baseplates with underdetails
I mildly disagree with you, but at the same time agree.

I agree with you that these files shouldn't burden the PT. Like I already said, my general opinion is that they should be unofficial, just like my Boxed parts. But if the LDraw community decides that they should be official, I won't stand in the way - but OTOH I won't be very active to push them through the PT either. Maybe I'll supply an LDS file to help them being produced automatically if anyone asks me to. And of course I agree that it would be better to work on the already existing pile.

And no, it's not a matter of DOS 8.3. (Well, maybe 5% or less it is. At least for me.) It's about trying to keep those LDraw lines to one line when printing out the code. It's about not having to make wider and wider columns in file lists (like parts.lst for example).
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