Baseplate underdetailing was Re: LDView Bug

Re: Baseplates with underdetails
I strongly disagree with these "geeky" "special letter folders" named
or whatever.
The times of DOS 8.3 are long gone, and there's no need to be so brief and cryptic here.
I also disagree with this special folder.
Instead I would favor the same technique as used currently for studs, i.e., meaning
that the baseplates refer to some special underside primitives,
and those will either be instantiated as "fully detailed" or "simplified".

Nevertheless, I would much more prefer to interrupt this discussion here
and instead devour our precious energy to the review process of the existing parts pile on the PT,
instead of making that pile explode again by adding all those refurbished baseplates to it.
The amount of work to get all that done simply frightens me currently,
and I fear that my parts, sitting for over 8 years now on the PT will _never_ make it off it :-((((
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