LDPE 1.8.56 Beta Released (lines+surface intersections/ shortkeys/ empty subfile warnings)

"Show selection in 3D view" selects vertices
(2022-06-01, 13:06)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Not sure it is related to this version, but copying a condlines also duplicates nearby lines/condlines.
Here is a short video showing the problem:
Also happens with simple copy/paste.

The reason behind it is, that "Show selection in 3D view" selects also the vertices of the line (including its control points).
When "copy" is called then the adjacent lines to the selected vertices got copied.

Workaround: To unselect vertices hold ALT and click on "Vertex Mode" to unselect the selected vertices.

This bug was introduced with a fix for issue #892 in version 1.8.55.
I will solve this with the next release.

I have to think about selected subfiles and subfile vertices, too.
Will not be straightforward, but I find a solution.
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