LDPE 1.8.56 Beta Released (lines+surface intersections/ shortkeys/ empty subfile warnings)

Folder for linked inlining
(2022-05-25, 17:19)Fredrik Hareide Wrote: Unrelated to the new release, but would it be possible to add an option were linked inlining could happen in the folder the current file was saved in? 

So say I work on 1234.dat and I have 1234s01.dat and 1234s02.dat in /s folder in the same folder as the file I'm working on. If I inline s01 and s02 I would like them to be linked to the files that are located in the /s folder nearest to the file I work on. 

This is the case with me because I never remember to make projects in the correct way.

Best regards

Thanks, Fredrik. It will be possible in the next release by default (without an option). I created issue #901.
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