Form Technic Axle Flexible with liftarms

RE: Form Technic Axle Flexible with liftarms
(2022-05-17, 13:32)N. W. Perry Wrote: Hmm…can you combine static and deform placement in the same template? I would try making two custom donors: one with the liftarms plus some straight 20 LDU flex segments inside the outer two holes; and a second with side-by-side flex segments for the space in between. Use static placement for the first and deform placement for the second…??

Another option is separate path parts with identical path points. Once you have the flex axles formed, duplicate the path points in a new file and replace the flex segments with static liftarms. This has the advantage of letting both components take color 16.

Thanks N.W.
Orion too for looking into it.

I will have to try some things too, but I am just beginning to understand how templates and donors work.
Jaco van der Molen
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