[Suggestion] Curve the npeghole primitives

RE: [Suggestion] Cure the npeghole primitives
(2022-04-30, 11:53)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: IMO that wrong. They are differently used, and designed. And should be different. Editing them all, would create a bad result
Actually all numbers up to 13, if didn't misunderstood some of those primitives, are just different kinds of those liftarm insertions of different kind and/or to be used in different context.
Npeghole/2 are normal liftarm one, that have been worked on.
3/4 are used in the case when we have pinhole next to an axlehole. Can be seen on any thin liftarms, and is always smoothed
5 is similar to the 3 and 4, but is used with axle on one side, and some geometry on the other that doesn't add up to the 3 or 4. Example of this primitive is 32475, which does use smoothed edges of npeghole: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/cat...ge?P=32475
7/7a are just half variants of npeghole/2
8, 9, 10 and 11 are primitives for different alternating hole liftarms/connectivities, which all use smoothing on the npeghole in real life
12 and 13 are wider kinds of 2, and through I wasn't able to find example of usage, most likely they do follow the pattern

Only thing I'm unsure about usage of 6 series, but they look also like similar ones to listed on above, and then most likely will also use smoothed shape
(2022-04-30, 11:53)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: When I reshaped the axle holes I edited my own library and then used them coloured.
1.) edit the primitive, place it in your own unofficial p-folder.
2.) hard code the edited prim in a "weird" colour
3.) remove the corresponding official primitive.
4.) examine the result. I used LDFind and LDStructure a lot in my investigation.

Thanks, will be helpful a lot. Both LDFind and LDStructure seem to be unavailable on Mac, are there any options for this system?
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