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RE: Merge several .mpd files into one
(2021-10-14, 19:17)Milan Vančura Wrote: This is, I believe, a misunderstanding - ldraw standard does not allow _linking_ of other mpd files and their submodels, right?
LDraw does not care about what kind of file a type 1 line references, as long it's a text file with LDraw content.

So a type 1 line can reference a MPD file (e.g. city.mpd uses a bunch of house.mpd references) just fine.

But you can not reference a submodel inside another mpd, eg "1 16 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 house.mpd?2ndFloor.ldr"

It would try to load the "house.mpd?2ndFloor.ldr" from disk as a literal file name, which it can't so you'll end up with a missing file reference.

That said it can be a surprise what you get while using such recursive models depending on the program loading the files.

This because the LDraw search location mechanics are somewhat ambiguous/skewed (imho), something I have tried to simplify with the standards board for some time now.

LDCad uses a simple (stack) approach, namely:

Inside current file (mpd submodels)
Inside current file's folder (ldr submodels)
Library folders

And this is done using the 'context' of the current (recursively) loaded file.
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