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RE: Merge several .mpd files into one
Thank you for the explanation and ideas, Roland. So far, it looks for me that a combination with "File->Cleanup" functionality is an easier way. I do some tests later this month.

(2021-10-13, 19:16)Roland Melkert Wrote: MPD submodels can only be used within the same mpd, this is a LDraw limitation. If you want to use a submodel from multiple MPD's you must save it in a seperate .ldr file (via 'session/detach ...' or 'session/duplicate..' which offers to make a new standalone file of the duplicate.)

This is, I believe, a misunderstanding - ldraw standard does not allow _linking_ of other mpd files and their submodels, right? But there is no reason to forbid textual copy of them into another file (like text editor can do). This is my idea: as LDCAD already knows all parts of this job, it's just about to put all these partial features together: LDCAD's understanding of submodels and their dependencies, plus function "file->Cleanup->Embed Unofficial" and a partbin knowing to show all submodels of all sessions together. Then it should be possible something like "Embed missing submodels" using that set of submodels from the partbin. Or another idea: when user tries to put such submodel from partbin to the model, LDCAD may offer an option "it's from another file, copy it here?".

Too crazy ideas, Roland? Smile I hope not... It would so useful! Everytime I work for some customer I need such function. (This is, BTW, why I will have more time for deeper tests later this month, I must finish the project first. Customer takes no care about my problemswith LPUB or LDCAD, thay just want to get the project done Smile )
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