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RE: Merge several .mpd files into one
(2021-10-13, 7:13)Milan Vančura Wrote: Can you improve copy&paste to work with these in the next version?
This is difficult as copy paste is text based, a paste in LDCad does not 'know' where it came from it just appends those lines to the current model one by one parsing them as they come. The problem is certain lines are not allowed inside a normal model (like the path constrains etc), so those will be skipped during paste. Leaving the references to them as 'missing' parts.
You can re-add those parts by adding a new (path) submodel using the same name though.
And then copy paste the path constrain lines etc from the original.

(2021-10-13, 7:13)Milan Vančura Wrote: Can I copy&paste them manually, somehow? Using source window? Or anything else?
You could copy the "0 FILE myBendedPart.ldr" upto "0 !LDCAD GENERATED...." and append it to the new file using an external plain text editor.
This should resolve the above mentioned missing parts.

(2021-10-13, 7:13)Milan Vančura Wrote: Another alternative: can you add a feature "include this submodel"? Description: If I open two mpd files in LDCAD, I see all their submodels together in the partbin. But, so far, I cannot use them in the other mpd file. Could you extend this feature?
MPD submodels can only be used within the same mpd, this is a LDraw limitation. If you want to use a submodel from multiple MPD's you must save it in a seperate .ldr file (via 'session/detach ...' or 'session/duplicate..' which offers to make a new standalone file of the duplicate.)
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