Exporting Contour Lines Along with Snapshot in LDView

RE: Exporting Contour Lines Along with Snapshot in LDView
(2021-09-24, 15:05)G.D. Grant Wrote: This is because the edge line thickness is not scaled along with the image export size.
I should have thought of it earlier...
Any way to fix this? Using maximum thickness isn't enough for my particular situation. I'm exporting very large images.

The line thickness you select is measured in pixels (but multiplied by the scale factor when that is active, for example on a Retina Mac display, or on Windows with a UI scale greater than 100%). This may not be the best for snapshots, but it's not going to change. Additionally, the underlying OpenGL driver that is installed on the computer has a maximum value for this. Finally, LDView's UI only lets you select from a limited range (which is obviously not enough for your large snapshots).

The good news is that you can specify any arbitrary value using the -EdgeThickness=n command line option. The actual maximum will be clamped by your OpenGL driver, but it should be quite a bit higher than what LDView's UI lets you select. I believe that the value supported by OpenGL is often different when "Antialias lines" is enabled in the General tab of LDView's preferences. I don't know if it is higher or lower when that is enabled, but I believe it can be different.

The bad news is that very large values for EdgeThickness tend to produce extremely bad results where the edges join together. I attempted to fix that in the past, but never had any luck. Feel free to experiment with larger values set via the command line.
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