[SOLVED!] coordinate-handedness confusion

RE: coordinate-handedness confusion
(2021-09-11, 11:36)KristyB Wrote: In the third image, you combined (A,D,G) (B,E,H) (C,F,I) as the rotator vectors instead of (A,B,C) (D,E,F) (G,H,I), I don't understand why? The documentation shows  [u' = a*u + b*v + c*w + x], which led me to believe that (A,B,C) form the first coordinate of the rotator, is this not so?

I used the 'columns' because the "make rotation from axes" component wants the abs space vectors for forwards, right and up.

The rows (abc) are the local part space vectors which point to the absolute xyz directions as seen from within the part's own coordinate system.

Given the result was correct I assumed it used the right set.
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