LDCad Thousands separator/decimal point confusion

Thousands separator/decimal point confusion

I've just stumbled across what I think is a small bug in LDCad. Since there's a 1.7 version in the works, now's as good a time as any to have found it!

For parts that are far away from the origin (more than 1000LDU), if I open the Reference/selection properties box to put in new coordinates, the numbers/s are displayed with commas as thousands separators. But when I hit Accept to dismiss that box, that comma gets interpreted as a decimal point, and my part moves much closer to the origin - from x=1020 (say) to x=1.02.
Have I described that well enough? Feel free to ask any clarifying questions.

I'm using LDCad 1.6d (LNX64). I don't think I've done anything special with my system localisation settings.

Apologies if this is a known bug, I couldn't find anything on the website or the release notes.

Thanks again for a great product.

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