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Re: Privacy issues
I assumed that my full name is needed for copyright purposes (use and modification of my contributions), so I submitted it for the sake of parts tracker. I did not enter it on the forum registration form (neither did Steffen - so it is possible to bend this rule).
I see no benefits of using real names on an open internet forum like this one (as opposed to company intranet). I understand that users who are members of the steering committee may wish to sound serious/official and thus use real names (compare: company PR staff on a game forum). Yet the regular users should be able to use just nicknames (real names visible only to administrators, part tracker, etc.). I don't want to sound extreme and ask to remove my account because of this.
Your policies are not set in stone, they are not holy scriptures.

Real names on the Internet are an issue, there's identity theft, stalking ...or employers scanning Facebook/forum accounts assessing activities of their would-be employees. The more private information you make available online, the more can be used against you.
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