LDCad 1.7 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

RE: LDCad 1.7 Alpha 1 (win+linux)
(2021-08-02, 17:01)Milan Vančura Wrote: I haven't found any hint about !DATA - how can I test it, please?
!DATA was mostly invented to include the textures of unofficial parts in a (omr) MPD.
It has been added to the embed features and there is a new session kind which only accepts png images.

(2021-08-02, 17:01)Milan Vančura Wrote: please, may you add "search" type of color wheel? Similar like in PartBin: empty at the beginning and showing all colors with _name_ matching the typed string. Nowadays, the only search is by color number - that's not user-friendly much...
I always thought there aren't enough colors to mandate a search box, given the amount of space it takes. But with the recent new colors that might need some reconsidering.

(2021-08-02, 17:01)Milan Vančura Wrote: BTW, what are dithered colors for? I'm still nervous I miss something important if I removed them from the configuration Smile
They where used to mix colors by alternating 2 colors from a 16 item palette close together making them appear as different (custom) colors from a distance. I think it had to do with the CGA/EGA monitors of the time. LDCad fakes them by calculating the (a+b)/2 RGB values.

You can disable them in the prefs/ldraw menu without editing the configuration.

If a model uses one of those colors it will automatically be added to the color bin during that LDCad's run.
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