Automatic image creation for training AI

RE: Automatic image creation for training AI
(2021-07-05, 14:47)Murray Wrote: I will look at the command line option as well,. Thanks

Look at this example of command line with LDView:

LDVIEW_PATH/LDView.exe LDRAWBRICK.dat -SaveWidth=160 -SaveHeight=120 -DefaultLatLong=45,30 -SaveSnapshot=IMAGE.png -AutoCrop=1 -SaveZoomToFit=1 -SaveAlpha=1 -LineSmoothing=1 -DefaultColor3=0xBFBFBF -FOV=0.1 -LightVector=-0.125,0.125,1

For example, "SaveZoonToFit=1" zooms until the brick touches one of the borders of the image. I think this is good for AI training, at least when labelling for object detection. "AutoCrop=1" crops the image to the brick, so the result can be 130x120 pixels or 160x100 instead of the maximum 160x120. Maybe you should remove that option. With DefaultLatLong you change the angle, and with DefaultColor3 you set the color of the brick.

Other parameters are read from the configuration of LDView. For your task you should unmark "Edge lines" in Geometry tab to avoid artificial edges.
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