LDPE 0.8.53 Beta Released (bugfixes / many code improvements)

RE: Icon bar positions
(2021-05-25, 20:08)Nils Schmidt Wrote: It is possible to re-arrange the icon bars with the help of a specialised configuration file.

Please let me know what should be moved.
I'll create the config file for you and paste the contents here (together with a short description on how it works).
That's not a critical one, I can easily get used to the new layout... it's just that it changed between 0.8.50 and 0.8.53 (and seeing how it looks like I understand the new more compact layout!). Attached screenshots - still had 0.8.50 around...
Speaking of toolbars, there are many icons I don't use, either because I use other ways such as right click or keyboard shortcut (red highlight), don't understand what they really do (blue) or don't see the point (green), and I could get rid of them...

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