[LDPatternCreator] Release 1.7.3 (new tangent primitives / bugfix)

[LDPatternCreator] Release 1.7.3 (new tangent primitives / bugfix)

I recieved a mail from Willy and transformed it into a new LDPatternCreator version.

Download and install the latest LDPatternCreator release directly from sourceforge.net.
Any previous version should be uninstalled first. Your program configuration will be preserved.

Change log:

New features:
  • Included the latest #-#tang primitives (1-16tang.dat, 1-8tang.dat, 1-4tang.dat, 48\1-16tang.dat, 48\1-8tang.dat).

Fixed bugs:
  • "Add Vertex" was not compatible with the "Create a Spline..." feature.
  • Version 1.7.2 triggered a false alert on Windows Defender. I had to increase the version number and re-build it.

  •     Select "Add Vertex [A]"
  •     Set a vertex. Watch out for the small coordination windows in the bottom right-hand corner
  •     Select "Add Primitive [F7]... Create a Spline..."
  •     Click to add the spline starting point
  •     Click to set the first direction of the spline
  •     Click to add the next point
  •     Click to set the next direction
  •     You CANNOT click to apply the segment count because the "Vertex-Data" is still there hiding the segment count window underneath.

As always, I included a short readme.htm in the installation directory.

Cheers & Leg Godt

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