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RE: LDView 4.4 Beta 4 test release
(2021-05-17, 20:26)Bertrand Lequy Wrote: I've encoutered a similar problem after exporting a part to pov today : 19474-f3, some triangles weren't corectly exported or rendered.

In fact the problem is on the subpart : u9418
it seem that four 1-16ndis.dat are cut by the x/z plane and that the +y pixels aren't rendered.

Once again, inlining the primitive using LDDP solved the issue.

Thanks. I'll investigate. The previous chrd issue was caused by the clipping plane needing to swap to the opposite side of the origin for all chrd primitives that were more than half circles, so the fix was easy. (Note that this was always broken.) Hopefully this is a similar issue, with a similar fix.
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