Minor changes to the Official Library Spec

RE: Minor changes to the Official Library Spec
Thank you for your answers, Willy and esp. Magnus. I've read the linked thread as well ("heavy" for me...) and Magnus' detailed answer here helped me to understand the topic more.

I know (and knew) about the difference between stickers and printed parts, although I do not know technical details. From my (user's) point of view, both types should work and both types should work regardless the "original part" LEGO released with either the print or sticker:

Stickers can be applied to any part of any color (of course)
In digital virtual world even printed parts may be used in any color, why not?

And, watching from the other side of the problem, it may be confusing even if you do not plan to use any printed or stickered part in new color: simply because you want to find the part with no print/sticker among all those parts - and watching "from behind" they look all the same. What is surprising and confusing, if the color is transparent. Look at the image I posted as an example.

BTW, I made a test: I added BFC NOCLIP to the definition of a print on this panel and it works in LDCAD both in the part bin and in the main model view:
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