ABB Doors u8013 and u8014

RE: ABB Doors u8013 and u8014
(2021-04-17, 22:59)N. W. Perry Wrote: Gotcha. I was just about to explain how I was quite sure they were two-sided, even though I have never seen one in person, and couldn't find any videos of somebody actually turning one over…and then I stumbled across this: (and also )

Other than that, I've been really scouring the historic literature lately, and it all refers to these early 700B windows and doors coming in 3 window styles and just one door style. And retailer price lists of the period always show the numbering as 700B/1 through 700B/3 for the windows, and 700B/4 for the door. But seeing them molded transparent pretty much settles it for me—I'm glad I just happened to find that!

I have the two-sided part already made up, so it's just a question of the number. u8040 seems to be the next available in the series.
Oh yes! great find!
Technically, you need to ask Chris for a uxxx range of parts assigned to you.
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