MacOS LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited

RE: LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited
(2021-04-13, 17:19)N. W. Perry Wrote: Well, if you do have a newer Mac setup than mine and would be willing to try out a few things, it would be most helpful. Even if you decide this is not the way to go for you, it would be instructive to know why.

Or if you have other systems available and have decided to use those exclusively, that's fine as well. Of course it would be assumed that anyone using this guide will have already decided that it's worth giving Wine a try, or at least that it's their only possible option, so that question won't really be on the table. This is just an effort to fill in some of the documentation for new users on the LDraw web site, and I've offered to tackle it since it's something I'd love to have known sooner! Smile

Well, the minute Apple dropped 32 bit support, wine didn't work anymore. So, I removed it.

But now I gave it a new try.
1. Just for a test I installed wine 5.0 via brew. Installation worked
2. Downloaded the archive file of LDCad for Windows
3. Unarchive and cd to the LDCad folder
4. Ran wine64 LDCad64.exe --> LDCad starts. When it asks for LDraw-Directory enter Z:\<full path to LDraw directory> using backslashes 
5. Fonts are missing, so needs to be grabbed from somewhere (e.g. a working windows installation). You need the verdana*.ttf fonts
6. Put those fonts into the $HOME/.wine/drive_c/windows/Fonts folder

Restart wine64 LDCad64 and it is working. I loaded some of the models shipped with LDCad. They work, but it is kinda slow.

Side remark about installing fonts: forget winetricks. This only works in a 32bit environment. Some System programs provided by wine , like regedit.exe don't work. They are 32bit.  You may mess around  with the main.gui file (located in LDCad/gui/default), but for me it is too complicated to match MacOS fonts into main.gui.

Now it works. But it is a hack. I wonder when it will break again.
Another side note: I am running MacOS11 (Big Sur) on a MacBook Air 2016 (Intel).
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