MacOS LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited

LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited
Following the original thread, I want to revisit this topic as I'm working on a how-to guide for using LDCad (and other LDraw utilities) under Wine. I would love to know what experiences some of you have had.

Here's what I have successfully running:
  • OS 10.14.6 Mojave on a 2012 Intel MacBook
  • Wine (stable) 4.0.3
  • XQuartz 2.7.9 (required dependency)
Here's what works:
  • LDCad (flawlessly)
  • LDDP (good, one minor window management issue)
  • DATHeader (fine, a little jaggy-looking)
  • Img4Dat (usable, some wonky GUI issues)
  • LD Pattern Creator (seems fine, but I really haven't tested it)
  • MPDCenter (fairly good, also jaggy-looking, glitchy in general)
  • LDView (nope, it doesn't render anything in the viewport)
Also, in general any polling between external programs doesn't seem to work, but maybe I just don't know how to set it up.

I did have to manually place the fonts FreeSans and FreeMono into my drive_c\windows\Fonts folder for LDCad (as previously reported).

I just did some tinkering to see if I could update anything, but to be honest any newer configuration than the one I have seems to break something. You cannot use XQuartz 2.7.11 because it results in ugly, chunky fonts, and the current XQuartz 2.8.0 just pain doesn't work at all. (I believe there is a fix in the works for 2.8.1, though.)

I tried upgrading to Wine 5.0, but it results in a minor but annoying issue with LDCad, where the app window acts like it isn't in the front after desktop switching (even though it is). Sounds trivial, but desktop switching is such a big part of my workflow that it becomes quite irritating. So I reverted to 4.0.3, the previous stable release. (Installer packages aren't out yet for Wine 6.0.)

I would very much like to know if anyone has had success with any newer configuration? Specifically, has anybody tried Catalina or Big Sur with Wine yet? Official Wine doesn't support them, but CrossOver (paid Wine) reputedly does. But then, I don't know if it has the same issues as newer versions of Wine—and if so, whether they're fixable.
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