Standardize official search path

Standardize official search path
It has been requested that we standardize the official search path. So I'm creating this thread to do that. Right now, I think that most programs follow in LDView's footsteps, but I'm open for the official search path being different. LDView by default looks for files in the following order:

MPD subfiles
Model Directory (the directory that the top-level model resides in)

If we agree that the above order is correct, we can then discuss where to put it in the specification. If we want a different default search path, we can discuss that.

Note: If your name isn't Travis Cobbs, Chris Dee, or Roland Melkert, please don't respond to this thread. Read the rules for this board. Other than the three of us, only admins and mods can post here, but they aren't supposed to do so. If you want to bring up concerns, do so in the Parts Authoring board.
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