Solved Formed sticker on non-cylindrical surface

RE: Formed sticker on non-cylindrical surface
(2021-03-14, 10:22)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: I think this pattern looks OK, but the shape of the sticker need corrections.

Either move what you've got to LDPE and start manipulating the vertices. Manipulating a single vertex is easy, once you have figured out how to position the Manipulator on a surface or an edge.

Or deform the entire pattern i LDPC prior to the export. Select all triangles, Use the Group function, select the group(Primitive), and make it more narrow. Then the export will "deform" it into a rounder shape
I think that in this tricky case we should have used texmap on the bucket in front projection, and tweak the image with Photoshop or Gimp until it looks right, then do the pattern from that image. The good thing is that once this is done we have easily a mixed mode (texmap+triangles) sticker...
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