Parts made from several individual parts.

RE: Parts made from several individual parts.
(2021-03-04, 20:38)Manfred Schäfer Wrote: Hello,

I noticed that some parts consist of one or more individual parts, e.g. "Hinge Control Stick and Base (Complete)", Design 4592c01. This part is also available in other versions where the stick has a different color. Or the upper and lower parts of mini figures, some of which are already in the library. My question now is, does it make sense or is it desirable or not to include these parts in the library?



Generally, yes (if I understand your question correctly). Although you usually need to use the components separately in a model, it helps to have the complete shortcut available to use, for example, in a parts list in your building instructions.

But only those combinations that have actually been released as real parts should be included in the library, not every possible combination.
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