Parts Numbering for VIDIYO Tiles

RE: Parts Numbering for VIDIYO Tiles
(2021-03-01, 15:51)GeraldĀ Lasser Wrote: This will bring us a whole bunch of new patterned tiles. way beyond the 37 that we can accommodate in a given theme. Looks like it will go along the lines of the Nexo Knight Tiles, so shall we adapt a similar numbering, i.e. 3068bpv000? I am not sure if 00 would be enough for a hundred tiles.

The reason we went for the 22385pNNN scheme for the Nexo Knight tiles was because there was an established, published, official numbering -

Do the VIDIYO tiles have a published numbering scheme? If so we could use 3068bpvNNN.

From the illustrations I have seen, all 6 BeatBox sets have the same 16 tiles. Is this true? The 12 (series 1) Bandmates are supposed to have one bespoke and two random tiles, and the randoms look to be from the BeatBox selection. Is that also true? I am assuming that there will be more series of Bandmates, so I think a scheme like we use for collectible minifigs would work better.
- 3068bpv11 - pv1c for series 1 bespoke tiles
- 3068bpv21 - pv2c for series 2 bespoke tiles
- 3068bpv01 - pv0g for BeatBox tiles

P.S. the BeatBox sets are already 33% off at Amazon!
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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