LDView LDview will not start (previously worked)

RE: LDview will not start (previously worked)
(2021-02-10, 18:34)Leonardo Gonzalez Wrote: I tested LDView using the Radeon Software version: 20.12.1 and it works as expected. Then without making any other changes, updated the Radeon Software and upon restarting after completing the installation LDView no longer works.

I can confirm, without a doubt, that the Radeon Software version: 21.2.1 breaks LDView 4.3 (in both 32-bit and 64-bit).

Thank you for tracking that down.

This is very unfortunate. LDView uses truly ancient OpenGL functionality, that probably doesn't get used by any modern 3D apps. As such, AMD might not even know that they introduced a bug. And I have no way to reproduce the issue, since I don't have any Radeon graphics cards available to me.
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