Parts 72490c01, 72490a, & 72490b

RE: Parts 72490c01, 72490a, & 72490b
(2021-01-18, 21:01)Gerald Lasser Wrote: Hi Matthew,

A friend actually owns the blimp. I cannot promise when I get the measurements, but I already asked him to borrow me the blimp. This is on my long term list.


Oh, thank you Mr. Gerald.  That's at least one good piece of news today.  I admit, I've been a little stressed today, mostly due to politics, but then again, you know what that's become as of late.  Anyways, thank you!  Oh, and by the way, I actually do know a little bit of the measurements, for instance, the space between the attachment points is 16 studs, with the attachment points sitting on the 1st and 16th stud marks....  Also, fun fact, those 2x8 curved slope parts they just made a couple years back will actually fit almost perfectly in the curved underside of the envelope.  In fact, I'd say that, based on eyeballing it, there's only about 1/32nd, (or maybe even less), of an inch between the top of those curved slopes and the curved bottom of the blimp.  Oh well, hopefully this helps, and thank you again, it really has helped me to calm down a little bit, knowing that at least one thing has panned out for me so far this year, (as several things have not really panned out for me so far this year).  Anyways, Rockatoa, Brickticks out!
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