Duplo parts....missing?

RE: Duplo parts....missing?
(2020-12-28, 10:21)Lando Wrote: Thank you very much!

But I still have a problem to use them. I don´t know if I have put the files correctly in the parts library.

I have downloaded XXXXX.dat and the aditional files XXXXXs01.dat.

Then I have put them in C:\Users\Public\Documents\LDraw\parts directory   It is OK?

When I run MLCad, I scan parts and it writes new ini file, but when I look for the parts MLCad says that "XXXXXXs01.dat not found! Continue loading?"

And this is what happens....


did you put the XXXs01.dat into "parts\s"?

If they are in \parts it will not find them
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