LDView Wrong color display in POV-Ray

RE: Wrong color display in POV-Ray
(2021-04-01, 5:24)Bertrand Lequy Wrote: I understand, but nonetheless those color are in lg_color.inc from the AIOI (I din't install Damien's library)

I don't know if Willy includes an updated LEGO.xml in the AIOI that matches the additions made to LGEO. I'm pretty sure he does include additions to LGEO that were made after Lutz stopped updating it. If the LGEO.xml for LDView in the AIOI is modified compared to LDView's base LGEO.xml, then it could be that the additional colors were overlooked. If it isn't modified, then you'll presumably need to track down a modified LGEO.xml that matches the updated library.
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