Complete Cylinder Hemisphere 61287pb002 and 61287pb001 (Earth map / Globe)

RE: Cylinder Hemisphere 61287pb002 and 61287pb001 (Earth map / Globe)
(2020-07-29, 19:43)Travis Cobbs Wrote: If I modify the textures to be transparent, they look fine in LDView. I don't have the part, but I assume that the pattern is only present on the non-tan portions. Assuming that this is the case, then the textures should be transparent. I'm not sure why the LPub3D LDView rendering looks so bad.

Note that when I made the tan parts of your textures transparent, I was left with a faint tan halo around everything, although this wasn't really visible when it was applied to the part. If your source art is vector, you can regenerate the PNGs with transparent background instead of tan, and wouldn't have this problem. Or is that what generated the weird transparent screenshots you posted?

Can you upload the transparent version of the textures so I can investigate?

OK, my source files are vector so I can easily make the background transparent.
That is what I used when I rendered in LPub3D using LDView that came with LPub3D. I'll have to test with your normal version of LDView, but I am unsure that works in LPub3D. I do not have access to my laptop with the graphics program (I use Adobe Fireworks btw) nor the LDraw stuff, so I will update later today.
Jaco van der Molen
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