TEXMAP addition to Official Library Spec

RE: TEXMAP addition to Official Library Spec
(2020-07-21, 22:53)Travis Cobbs Wrote: The two new paragraphs are basically contradictory. If "real" fallback geometry is only "highly encouraged", then it's not appropriate to forbid geometry2 lines (and the NEXT command). Since the second paragraph states that it is acceptable (although discouraged) to submit a part that shows blank geometry where the texture is, the best way to do that is to omit the geometry1 and geometry3 sections entirely. It would not be acceptable to only have a geometry1 section, though.

I don't see it that way. There always needs to be a fallback to produce a part without holes in non-TEXMAP compliant renderers (and TEXMAP is not required by the file format spec so we have to honor that). With NEXT you don't get fallback at all. With geometry2 you might but even the spec itself discourages it's use. Therefore it's better and simpler to just say no NEXT, no geometry2, and all fallback geometry goes in geometry3.
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