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RE: LDraw Model Viewer and Online Tools
(2020-07-01, 16:22)Orion Pobursky Wrote: A model viewer has been added to the LDraw.org website. This new tool will allow you to upload a model and view it in your browser. It's fairly basic at the moment but functionality will continue to be added.

It can be found in the Tools menu on the LDraw.org main site (click the red brick logo above) or directly here:

This new feature is a continuation of an effort started with the LDCad PBG Generator to bring a series of useful tools to the LDraw.org website. Future plans include an model OMRizer and a part error checker.

As always, feature requests and improvements can be posted in the Website Suggestions forums.

OK, nice! Works quite smoothly.
What happens to the files you submit? Are they kept or temporary and deleted after viewing?
One suggestion if possible would be to adjust the lighting.
Jaco van der Molen
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